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– within 5 minutes
Mike Carroll Gallery and the Lana’i Cultural and Heritage Center are in Lanai City. Inquire within for directions and recommendations for galleries around Lanai City.

Private showings also available for Dreams Come True antique and contemporary jewelry.

Ecological / Archeological

– 45 minutes
“Kaunolu” – King Kamehameha’s summer fishing grounds is a site that offers a rare glimpse into ancient Hawaiian culture. An entire Hawaiian village (ruins) remains. The Lana’i Cultural and Heritage Center have marked the different sites as to where King Kamehameha had his personal lodging, where the canoe shed was, the area the people kept their food cool (in the river valley), the heiau (place of worship), where the general population lived, where the men fished from , etc. This is definitely a 4 wheel drive expedition. It takes about 45 minutes to get down there from town, and would take at least 2-3 hours to really explore the site. This is the site where the “International Cliff Diving Organization” held their final competition in 2000. The leap called “Kahekilis’ Leap” is where Kamehamehas’ men would prove themselves by leaping from 85′ into 15′ of water, just a couple feet from the coral shoreline.

Petroglyph Sites

“Luahiwa” – Rain Heiau and Petroglyph Preserve. The distance from town varies from 10 minutes drive to approximately and hour with 4×4. Inquire with your hosts regarding the accessibility to these sites during your stay.


– within 5 minutes
There is a state of the art movie house with two theaters in town which shows current box office movies.

Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo)

For a mini safari, head out of town to Keahiakawelo “Garden of the Gods” by 4×4. One travels through Ka’nepu’u, the native dry land forest of rare plants, then on to the many colored canyons of ‘the garden.’ Here in the Garden of the Gods, the wind, sun, and sea have, through the eons, sculpted the most unusual earth formations. Keep your eyes open and you just might see a Lana’i mouflon, the big horn sheep that call Lanai home. This site is especially spectacular around sunset, casting a beautiful pink glow over the entire area.

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